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Service Adoption and Retention

Buyers are no longer tolerant of poor network quality, multiple access methods all with different interfaces and the inability to obtain the connection, data or content they want in the form they require.They have new, "Telco 2.0" expectations.

They express their displeasure directly through their purchasing choices, often displacing former market leaders. Apple has replaced Nokia as the central device ecosystem. Google and Amazon are challenging Tier 1 operators as the top Service Provider brands. IT firms are capturing ever larger shares of network revenues from both old and new entrants, leaving Network Equipment Suppliers behind. In short for Communications Service Providers and their suppliers, it is time to transform to meet new user expectations or fade from leadership.

Edge Strategies provides Communications Service Providers, Network Equipment Suppliers and their partners with the customer insights, infrastructure knowledge and business model transformation strategies to address Telco 2.0 buyer requirements.

Our consulting skills and research are used by Fortune 100 companies to determine:

  • For Communications Service Providers (CSP) – What are the adoption rates for new services in their markets and in what market segments (SMB, Enterprise, Vertical) and regions and how can they best monetize new services through pricing, bundling and channel strategies?
  • For Network Equipment Providers (NEP) – What new buyer requirements are providing new market opportunities with Communications Services Providers in Cloud, Service Delivery, OSS-BSS, Mobility, Converged Networks and Broadband infrastructure?
  • For IT solution providers, how can they increase share in the Communications Services market. How can they leverage their product and services portfolios to address CSP requirements? Which NEPs are strong partners and which are competitive threats?

Edge Strategies delivers innovative, research-based strategies, proven best practices and effective implementation methods that help communications business leaders succeed in Telco 2.0. Our C-level vision and ground-level insight combine to provide our clients with the strategic and tactical guidance required to navigate this emerging, rapidly evolving competitive landscape.



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